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simplify. that’s the plan.

this summer the four of us have had our plates full like never before; big decisions, big plans, big goals and very tough choices.

conversations almost always include the ‘what if” and ‘depending where i will be’.

the weeks have flown by. i’ve been quiet over here. i’ve no solid knitting or sewing projects to show. i haven’t painted or sketched anything.

what i realised i’ve done instead, was notice the life around me. i spent time walking and finding my place here. ┬áthe house has a more settled feel. not that renovations are anywhere near complete, but this space has let me in. i’m just here. no calendar or date book for weeks. i’m more familiar with the yard and it’s plantings. i know the regular sounds of the sea birds in the morning, trees in a storm and the creaks in the floor boards. i’m pretty sure with the anticipation of things in the near future, i somehow slowed myself down without really even trying. subconscious simplifying?



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