my family was here for the holidays and that was really special – comfort food, hugs and sweet conversation.

at the same time we were reminded how intensely precious life is. there are times when things seem to make no sense. when then happens for me i retreat into quiet. i stepped away from social media. not by choice, but because i had no words, and all the fun, beauty and sharing seemed superficial. i took some time and kept my world small. while i was tending to my aching heart, a dear friend posted a box – a hug from away, and the love and light i needed.

one of the treasures was tide pool – a silk / merino blend by the dye project. i mean if you’ve seen my oil pastels, you’ll understand how perfect this yarn was for me. i knew i wanted to knit it up right away. i decided on a very basic cowl – cozy and close.

every time i wear it i’m wrapped in her friendship and support. don’t you love when those positive associations happen? and those colors… she totally gets me!

i’ve been sketching daily. some charcoal in what i’m calling sketchbook365. i continue to do some color work in oil pastels, though i haven’t updated yet. i still hope to list things a few things for sale, but haven’t figured the best venue for that – website or other site.  that’s when having the girls here was a plus. they could so easily manage these things and i didn’t need to give it a thought. suppose i should learn.

there are a few other things on and off the needles.

a few years ago i began knitting some baby items to set aside for next generation family-babies. i keep adding to it, and think that maybe one day they will be passed along to grand-babies, or my nieces little ones. hats, booties, mittens, and tiny sweaters.

this baby bonnet pattern can be found here.   i think i read the book is no longer printed. i plan to make a few more. i used malabrigo, and love how soft and squishy it is. ps. it still needs a button.

and finally, i’ve jumped into using our own wool for this project.

it’s chunky and soft and just right for feeling wrapped up and cozy. great for maine winters. but once i got going i realized i like the back side better than the front, so i plan on wearing it that way! also, there are still bits of straw and twiggy things in it, and that makes me smile.

easy to knit – just a bit bulky to take with me, so it’s been my wood stove companion.

i’m also participating in a secret valentine swap. i’m trying something new with wool and will post my finished surprise after 14 february.

keeping art and handwork a priority when i’m not working seems to be what i need right now. cheers friends xo

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