sketchbook 365

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quick notes, shapes and sketches. one a day. sketchbook 365.

finding a balance between work and art.

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pastel work

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so i’ve been working on moving the outside studio space indoors – to a brand new space. that requires some priming, painting, and floor work. i’m looking forward to its completion in a few weeks. in the meantime, i’ve got paints and work in multiple places. not the most convenient, but i am putting some things to paper – or, board! most are small and may be added to a site for sale sometime next month. watch for updates.

this weekend i am donating a larger piece to a company silent auction to benefit maineshare. its an oil pastel measuring 16 x 16″.

our weather has been beautiful this month. i’ve taken a little time by the water. but this weekend i’m heading out to do some exploring in the city! bonus: i’ll see one of my girls! check my instagram for updates! have a great weekend, friends. xo

the weekend is here

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what are your plans? i’m working tomorrow – local town lobsterfest.  but, i’m going to keep sunday open for some art time by the water. this will be the third week in a row. i explore some ideas, usually with oil pastels, and then use them as inspiration during the work week.

rocks seem to be a theme, plus the colorful seaweed floating around them – moving, lazily waving back and forth as the tide changes. there’s a rhythmic peace, and i neglect to notice the passage of time. i ran a bit over last week. a bad thing? not sure!

there will also be knitting. i continue to work on a pair or two of mittens each month, but lately i’ve been whipping up some hats for kids. have a great weekend! xo

detail. tide 8.11.17 • oil pastel

everyday oil pastel

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oil pastels, tortillions, stumps and a palette knife. i can’t seem to move away from these four things right now.

lots of small sketches on paper. after a daily 4″ x 4″ paint exercise each day for 100 days straight, i find i still practice daily. i said i wanted to get away from small images, but find i keep going back to them. most recently this practice has given me ideas of some larger images i want to create.

more to come…