summer wrap up

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a graduation – wisdom teeth removed for one – 8 weeks in maine for three of us – a job at an inn – a job on an island – a job in a diner – yes, one of them had two jobs – there were harbor side walks – dinners out with dear friends – lots of hugs – easy suppers in the party shed – lobster – sun in july – slow and easy breakfasts – new windows installed – hikes taken – sunrises caught, captured and remembered – books read – stones and driftwood collected – fishing – more fishing – boat rides to and from the island – wine – knitting – more lobster – yarn purchased – visits to a favorite store – sunbathing on floats – a summer playlist – an 18th birthday – a trip to georgia – college orientation – micro brews – sand dollar collection war – cloud porn – chess – a boat launched – still more fishing – love of the fog – sisters together – osprey, eagles and finches – voles – island camping – tom – ice cream sandwiches – fire pit on the rocks – a woodstove – love.
then a journey home with a journey to universities two days later. it’s been a summer. a very good, amazing summer.
the house is quiet. things are being put away and cleaned up. sewing and knitting plans continue. summer photos are still be uploaded, and some to be printed. 
there is a new rhythm here.  xo

summer knitting results. so far.

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 a gift for a baby girl. quince osprey. cozy for this autumn.

 and for the college girl #1, some cozy in the form of Simplest sweater. 
cascade super wash for college laundry.

another baby sweater is on the needles as well as one more Simplest sweater for the newest member of the college set. time is running out though, she leaves in 16 days. oof.
all info over on ravelry.

saturday afternoon.

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just a note.

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the days are filled with breeze and sun and views of the harbor.
in the morning i walk. i come home to open windows, and no plans for the day.
this summer. 
there is peace and gratitude.

and, i am falling in love with this little, old house.

A new place!

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this is my new space:  thistledowns wool & cotton.
this fall brings change for me, as many of you know. the girls are moving on and out of the house to study at university, and i find myself with time, interests, and creativity heading in new directions.
please follow along if you’d like.  i’d love to have you here.  beginning this september there will be knitting, and sewing, along with some new creative outlets. for now, i’m away and will only be able to post when we travel down to the library in the village.
happy summer friends! and thanks for visiting! xo