that seed stitch cowl

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last night i knit up this cowl.

you can also find it here.

for those who asked, the pattern called for size 13 needle. well, that needle was all the way upstairs, and i had just settled into my chair, so… i pulled the 15 out of my bag and cast on 45 stitches, not the 49 like suggested. it’s a chunky knit, that wears close to my neck. 
exactly what i was looking for.

i used this yarn. it’s what i had on hand.

i’ll make some more, i’m sure!

some snow here to day. i’m rushing to finish a reorganization of the new bathroom and closet spaces, then more gift making. it’s a good weather day for it!

here’s a knit to give

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i love this pattern.
a simple cabled beanie. a free download by Jill Bujold. unisex and with some cable to keep it interesting!
have you been to her ravelry page? lots of pretty things to add to your queue.

i used some more stashed yarn. berroco cuzco. alpaca and wool. so soft.
i used US10 needles as suggested. a perfect fit.

a good take-along project to make for yourself or a friend!

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and so it is, the making season.

i’ve gifted some knits already, but can’t show here just yet as there are more to give.
i did make and give each girl a hat which i’ll post soon, here and ravelry.

we had a short but peaceful trip to maine over thanksgiving. much needed time, just the four of us. we put together impromptu decorations, cooked a small turkey with all the fixings, saw great friends, and warmed ourselves by the wood stove. i hope your holiday was just as nice.

happy december, friends.

summer knit work post…in october.

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finally some shots of the sweaters i finished this summer. 
i asked lib to model. the second sweater is big on her but fits me fine (she’s a petite thing). this is the annabel cardigan. all details on ravelry. an easy knit using some of my stash yarn. feeling good it went to something that will get plenty of wear.

this one was from the candide pattern i’ve used before. i added detail to the cuffs, neck and bottom.
i really love the bartlett yarn i used.

next are these wrist warmers. the pattern is here. easy, quick, fun stash busters. and, with three of us always grabbing a pair as we head out the door, they circulate regularly.

i’ve enjoyed the mild autumn so far, but have two more cardigans on the needles. i’m ready for some wool! happy weekend!

the end ~ 365

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so, let’s talk about september. 
she came in hard and fast. by month’s end she left us reeling.

i’m glad she’s gone, but the wake she has left continues to keep us unsteady, nervous, and exhausted. everything we try to plan is followed by a question mark. decisions and choices hinge on the outcome of another. and most of those demand just sitting and waiting. 

in one word…september was a bitch.

i’ve decided to discontinue my 365~a year of senses. not because i don’t like flickr. i do, i can still visit favorite flickr friends and their streams easily. i just don’t have time, energy or the mindset these days to upload and transfer my own. i took the time this morning though, to look through and enjoy some images with my coffee. these won’t make it to flickr, so i’m sharing here.

as i approach one of those ‘milestone birthdays’, though it just seems like another day to me, i’m reflecting on the past four years and the rush of change. it seems once we left the routine of the school years and moved on to college and a different life, days move at the speed of light, whizzing by at a ridiculous pace. i stepped away from my art, dealt with my father’s passing, and illness with my mother. sobriety entered our lives. children went on their way. i guess they aren’t terribly unusual events, but events just the same. changes. 

these days it’s about staying optimistic. some days i’m just sick of that, but there isn’t another option.
i can only hope we are riding an enormous wave and that at it’s end we’ll find the shore, albeit battered, but safe.


here we go

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and so, another summer is over.

the four of us are successfully settled into new routines. i’m proud of the girls and how they are handling their new roles in their busy personal journeys.

we all miss our down east days, but remember through pictures and stories.

i still have photos to upload, a journal to transfer to those photos, and one more trip back to close the house for winter.

in the meantime, lib and i board a plane and head out for some ice. (well, she’ll be on it. i’ll be watching.) also, i am packed in a remarkably small bag.  i completely surprised myself. except for my tote which is 90% yarn. i know, it probably won’t happen, but maybe.

i hope to update my ravelry page when i get back. a new sweater to post and one in the works.

enjoy your weekend. 

feeling like fall now.

i’m ready.


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the house is back to quiet for a bit. guests have gone.
the other half of my people arrive tomorrow. and then we are four. 

i was thinking this morning, how we get so off balance (or at least i do) when things we are comfortable with change on us. it’s not the summer we envisioned back in march. but sitting here in this quiet library, with this view, it entered my mind how just when i think life is so crazy, suddenly my appreciation for ‘what is’ seems to soar. 

somehow, i find it easier to think about the positives. maybe it’s watching the gulls splash in the cove, or how the light changes in the fog, or maybe it’s just the anticipation of having my family together for a few weeks.

it doesn’t really matter what. 
i’m counting my blessings.

summer is here,

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at last. 
we will fill our slow days 
with book reading, 
visits from friends,
sun, fog, a rocky shore, 
naps, cold beer and lobster. 
we will listen to the bell buoy 
and our conversations will last 
well into the evening under twinkle lights until the mosquitoes 
chase us inside. 
there will be baking and cooking,
and towels forever on the clothesline.
there will be songs and singing, 
walks will be taken, bikes will be ridden. 
and most definitely, there will be knitting. 
finally, our summer. 

for baby

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 this one finally got it’s binding. 
i neglected to take a shot of the other side, and now it’s all packaged up. 
it has a medium blue, solid back.

have a great week, all!

almost a quilt, lots of garter stitch and summer.

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 it’s been quite a spring around here. calls of stress due to exams and final projects, applications to grad school, more hours at work, prepping the house for the return of two, and now summer. we have a college sophomore and, also a college graduate, who incidentally began her graduate studies the day after graduation. then, three days after that, we received word a dear friend had been seriously injured in the middle of moving in and setting up his new residence. within a few hours of his phone call and offering help we were on our way south, via five states, to drop off the girls for an indefinite stay. that was may 22nd.
i am so proud of the girls. they never hesitated. even as their own items from school and dorm remained packed and or strewn about, they gathered what they thought they’d need and focused on how they could help; driving, cooking, cleaning, and unpacking. friends help friends; it’s what we’ve always taught them.

which leads me to the college graduation. 
i was naturally emotional; it’s a proud and moving moment to see someone you love accomplish so much and be recognized for it. what i wasn’t prepared for was how she’s changed. we spend so much time teaching, guiding and worrying about our children, that we forget to see who they are becoming. all of a sudden there was my first born, a bright, creative… ‘big person’. i watched her with others from her office, and even her peers. while i’ve never doubted she’d make her way, i had a sudden realization that she is really is a wonderful, responsible adult, capable of big, real things – all on her own. her personality is unique and ever evolving, she works hard, loves to be challenged, shines so bright and really, i cannot wait to watch where she goes.

with the girls away, the summer schedule has changed some. work for them in maine will be altered slightly, but we are heading there soon. my work schedule has been altered to accommodate all the travel. there will be a bit of curling…
in the meantime, i’ve been packing some things up and sewing others. the party shed at simplify is a great place for an afternoon nap or just settling in with a good book, and sometimes a quilt is requested on a chilly day.

 i backed this top with an old coverlet i’d been saving for over ten years. it’s gently worn, soft and ever so crinkly. i loved the look of it, which is why i’ve never parted with it. it is the perfect backing and saved me a little time and money. i like to re-purpose when i can. i plan on tying this top as well. i just like the look of a tied quilt, though i guess you can’t really call it a quilt in the traditional sense, as the top in only minimally quilted to the base. but it works for what i want.

 on a side note, we have bunnies. at least five of a few different sizes. two have been running in and out of the barn each morning. babies?

 also finished this week is the annabel cardigan.
all the details are here. i found the buttons in maine at a flea market. i wasn’t sure how it would fit as it was coming together, and was nervous it would be too small. but after i blocked it, it settled beautifully. the yarn is an alpaca, merino blend. so it’s soft and really comfortable.

 it took me longer than it should have. i admit to procrastinating. garter stitch plus sleeves were pretty uninspiring, but once i finished one sleeve, i was on a roll. and the pattern knits up easily. i’d definitely recommend it.

 i have two summer tunics that are halfway finished, and some cotton napkins i want to stitch up for the maine kitchen. and as usual, there is always a sweater or two in the basket. reacquainting myself with one wip tomorrow. 
finally, we move my mother back to the state at the end of the month. a huge thank you to my sister who has handled all of this process. i just didn’t have it in me, but will be there to move her in and get her settled. due to the move, one of her spinning wheels has found it’s way to my house. i’ve been playing with it a little, but think september will be the soonest i can get into it with all that the next few weeks of summer will bring. i know i’ll need another bobbin or two, and a lazy kate. she’s pretty though, a traditional saxony wheel. but, that’s another post.

soon we head back here to get the girls. 
somehow they find their way to the water…always.

and i’m happy to be back here in this space. it’s been too long. xo